Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can you say delivery??

Everything is really coming together and it's really getting to be very exciting!!! Today we got one of the largest deliveries 20 boxes to be exact! Yes all filled with yarn! Should I say it again .....Yes.... ALL the boxes are FILLED with yarn! I almost passed out! Well....So did the UPS man! I was so thankful that DA was there to help me when along came in DE......He quickly moved all the boxes in the appropriate place and DA and I just tore it up!!!!! WE dove right into that inventory! We got it done so fast! Well with a couple of laughs in between! Oh and maybe a few breaks!! Thank you DA!!!! I couldn't imagine doing it without you! While the blog is not at it's peak and the Facebook and Twitter are being worked on by the internet company please bare with us! It will all be up and running shortly! Everything keeps changing as far as colors and backrounds, logos, everything! We promise we will let everyone know as soon as it is ready and perfect! Well here are some pics and off to finish up some inventory ........and maybe even some knitting! :)

The Fibre Company came yesterday!!! The yarns and the colors are so gorgeous!!! And we even got the new yarn Tundra! Can't wait to swatch and make something with that! It's Baby Alpaca and Merino Wool with some silk! On 10-11 US needles 120 yards of heaven!!!! WE got every colorway! And we really have it stocked!!!
 Some pics of Terra!
Some Road to China Light.....and some MORE Terra....
And.......The huge shipment!!! What's so exciting is that we are expecting a TON more!!!  Shibui is hiding in those boxes too! And I mean a TON of Shibui! We got the whole line! Every color! Every yarn! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Our logo....that is just so difficult to put on the header ....On Facebook....On Twitter.....Until those professionals get it done it will look a little fuzzy and not so perfect! But who needs perfect anyway! :)

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