Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mystery Yarn......

We had such a good time "trying" to pick out a color for the 
Kirsten Kapur 2012 Mystery Shawl KAL. 
After having barely finished the Madtosh KAL by the skins of our teeth we decided to join another!
We received a HUGE shipment of Handmaiden on Friday and just couldn't keep our little paws off of it!

What better way to "test" out some Handmaiden than to pair it with a Mystery Shawl KAL!

All the Casbah Sock and some of the Sea Silk on the right!
We couldn't fit it all on the table! And the table is HUGE!

The start of the first clue! Using a 6 needle. Still have till Friday to finish. Absolutely love the Casbah Sock! It's so soft. It really feels like there's more cashmere in there than they say. Hmmmm.
Stay tuned for the rest of the mystery!

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