Friday, August 10, 2012

Cora Natural & Cora HandPaint by Tahki Stacy Charles.............

We received our shipment of the Saratoga Collection (Cora Natural, and Cora HandPaint) from Tahki Stacy Charles. 

The Tahki yarns Saratoga Collection is a celebration of sustainability, and we think it beautifully reflects one of the many different and exciting journeys in local fiber production. 

Sustainability and reducing carbon footprints are important to many of us and Chelsea Yarns does its best to promote local farms, mills and dyers. 

The Cora Natural are undyed colors that come straight from the animals' coats. Cora HandPaint yarns are dyed by one of our favorite artists, Jill Draper. Ms Draper has created the 4 Cora HandPaint colors to reflect the feeling of the passing seasons.

We think this collection is absolutely beautiful! 

The book Saratoga Collection contains 5 patterns using the Cora yarns. 
I highly recommend that you queue these patterns as both the yarn and patterns are quite unique.

Chelsea loves local yarns.

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