Monday, October 29, 2012


OK......Hurricane Sandy is almost here and we have a few more hours till the storm really hits us.....We are located in the eye of the storm on the Northern tip of the Jersey Shore. 
We have all our orders up to date to ship as soon as the PO opens back up we will be there. The last orders placed on Saturday went out at 2pm. The rest are prepared to leave as soon as it's safe to go out. Right now there is a mandatory "no drive" posted. Roads are closed......
We will keep you updated as long as power holds out. 
In advance please be patient and be safe. 
Hope you all can get some knitting time in! 

Thank you,

Chelsea Yarns Team

Yarn all wound....3 projects plus the Selkie all ready to knit!
Needles and patterns check!
Be safe!

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