Friday, November 23, 2012

Geysir Stretch Photos

Geysir Stretch a new pattern by Stephen West on Ravelry that not only has some knitting instructions included but also has some supplemental videos for stretching your knitting hands/wrists, shoulders, head/neck and back. Did you know you can improve your posture while knitting? Plus some fun photo contests too!
Not to mention he used The Fibre Company Terra and Savannah which happens to be one of our fav's.
A few people purchased Road To China Light instead of the Savannah which also looks amazing!
Finished Measurements: 84" 213 cm wingspan, 22" 56 cm from CO to BO edge at longest point.
Measurements taken after blocking.
Yarn: Worsted or DK weight

Color A -100 Yards- 183 m
Color B - 200 yards - 183 m
Color C - 310 yards - 283 m

Shown in The Fibre Company Terra Color A Iron
Color B Yarrow.
The Fibre Company Savannah DK Color C Cabernet.

Stay tuned for West Knits Book 5 arriving soon!
In the meantime we have his other books and patterns here.
I went ahead and took some pictures of some options I thought were fabulous...From left.

Terra Black Walnut & Black Locust Bark. Savannah Slate.

Terra Iron, Savannah Woodsmoke, Terra Shale.

Terra Iron, Black Locust Bark, Savannah Cabernet.

Savannah Cabernet, Terra Shale, and Logwood Purple.

Savannah Woodsmoke, Terra Black Walnut & Belladonna.

Savannah Cabernet, Terra Iron & Yarrow. (Colors used by Stephen West) 

Savannah Seafoam, Terra Olive Leaf & Hyacinth.

Savannah Woodsmoke, Terra Beet & Henna

Terra Iron, Savannah Seafoam, and Terra Shale.

Terra Black Locust Bark, Savannah Woodsmoke, Terra Yarrow.

So beautiful! 

Ok....I'm in love with all of them!

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