Saturday, February 23, 2013

Help Us Choose A Name!

Sorry for the limited posts but we have been super busy sorting out the logistics of opening a yarn shop.
We are trying to create a name for our weekly "Stitch & Bitch" group and would love to have your suggestions for a clever name for this group.

Please write in the comments below your suggestions and we will choose the winner by March 3rd 2013.

The winner will receive a Gift Certificate to Chelsea Yarns for any in store or online purchases.

Start those engines now!

Almost ready for shopping!!!!


  1. witty knitters or knitvana

  2. Chelsea's Knit and Knatter, or KnitKnatters

  3. Yarn Whisperers
    Yarn Spinners
    Chelsea Chatter (or Chelsea Chatters)
    Chelsea Sit-ins
    Chelsea Chats

    from Anne Sturtevant (Facebook)

  4. Nifty Needlers
    Knit Knot
    Knit Together

  5. Purl Jam
    Knitting Bull
    Purls of Wisdom
    Twisted Stiches (or Twisted Stichers)
    Knit & Stich
    Needle Nuts
    Knit 2gether
    Wicked Stichers
    Knot Just Stichers
    Purl Jam
    The Close Knit Group
    Free Knit
    Cast Away