Monday, August 26, 2013

Luzia Collection By Louisa Harding

This week we welcome Louisa Harding's arrival to our shop in Colts Neck, New Jersey. 
With extreme anticipation we awaited the arrival of her yarns and books for this event. We are thrilled to announce they arrived!

Her new yarn Luzia is a fabulous fur yarn that has the most fashion forward designs and styles that completely blew our minds!
Luzia  43 yards and made with 80% Viscose 20% and Nylon that knits on US 11 needles. Grace also used in her patterns is a silk & wool combination that is super soft and luxurious. As you can see, used together these two yarns are brilliant.

Blanche, (the cover pattern) has two parts. One will make a cape (smaller size) and one will make a larger cape (shown in grey).

Capelet uses 3 balls of Luzia and 2 balls of Grace.

Cape uses 6 balls of Luzia and 2 balls of Grace.

Hat uses 1 skein of Luzia and 1 skein of Grace.

Larger cape uses 2 balls of Luzia.

Small neck scarf uses 1 skein of Luzia. 
All of the yarns and patterns are available on our website.
Shop happy, shop Chelsea.

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